Maxpeed (hereinafter referred to as "Company") shall make efforts to meet the standards of the requirements of KS Q ISO 9001 (2015) Quality Management System and Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) for ocean and air export/import, customer service, warehouse operation, and third party logistics (3PL), and shall carry out and continuously develop the manual to ensure that it is realized. The company will maintain and strengthen the integrity of the export/import supply chain by setting policies and stipulating related activities and safety standards in order to satisfy customers and stakeholders expectations and requirements for quality, safety and health, environment and security.
And by establishing and implementing plans for quality, safety and health, environment and security in order to comply with the standard of KS Q ISO 9001 (2015) Quality Management System and Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), The company provides with ocean and air export/import logistics services and customer service that satisfy the needs of customers and stakeholders, and actively implement the following for continuous development and completion of social responsibility.

1. Realizing human-respected management activities, customer and stakeholder requirements
2. Effective establishment and operation of the management system
3. Enterprise-wide participation of quality, health and safety, environment, and security.
4. Protect assets from domestic and international risk factors by preventing and improving through risk management and by cooperating with the parties in the export and import supply chain.
5. Reducing resources and energy and efficient utilization
6. Compliance with regulations and continuous improvement (Managing compliance)
7. Management of people and cooperative firm by applying the criteria of superior import and export safety management, such as facility safety, handling procedure management, human resource management, and trading company management

All employees of the company shall set goals and establish management promotion plans consistent with the policies, fully understand KS Q ISO 9001 (2015), quality management system requirements, manuals and related procedures, comply with the responsibilities and obligations stipulated in the manual, and faithfully perform their respective duties to provide optimal logistics services to customers and stakeholders. It is also advised to implement the company's policies to achieve goals by implementing the company’s plans As a representative director of the Company, I have the responsibility and authority for the overall management activities so that activities related to the management system can be understood, performed and continuously improved by all employees and partner employees in order to carry out policies, goals and implementation plans approved by me.
In addition, I appoint the head of the management support team to be in charge of management system of the company so that the management system can be established, implemented, maintained, and managed in an optimal condition, and give independence to the task of supporting and carrying out the necessary resources and means as much as possible.